TransUnion Healthcare Survey Finds Consumers Are Concerned about Rising Health Insurance Rates for 2017

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Three in four consumers are concerned about increased costs

Concerned about costs

Three in four consumers are extremely or somewhat concerned about increased costs from health insurers' 2017 rate proposals.

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58% financially strained

Financially strained

More than half (57.9%) of the consumers surveyed by TransUnion said the rising costs of health insurance rates have already added a financial strain to their budget or their families’ budget.

70% want estimated costs

Want estimated costs

Seven in 10 said if they received estimated costs before a procedure, it would help them better anticipate costs and budget for payments.

57% would return if estimates are given

Would return if estimates are given

Three in five consumers said they would be more willing to return to a hospital or healthcare provider for future services if they were given billing estimates at the point of service.

65% concerned about out-of-pocket costs

Concerned about out-of-pocket costs

More than six in 10 consumers are more concerned about their out-of-pocket costs for co-pays and deductibles.

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